Gail Perry • Offers fundraising coaching and strategy for nonprofits

John Carter
John Carter
May 1, 2023


Noah B.
May 5th, 2023

Gail Perry is an inspiration! Her insights and guidance have helped our nonprofit organization raise more funds effectively. Her passion for fundraising is truly contagious.

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Ava W.
May 14th, 2023

I've attended one of Gail Perry's workshops, and I can confidently say that her expertise is unparalleled. Her strategies have transformed the way we approach fundraising.

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Sophia M.
June 10th, 2023

Gail Perry's webinars have been a game-changer for our small nonprofit. Her accessible approach and practical advice have given us the confidence to tackle ambitious fundraising goals.

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Jackson A.
July 1st, 2023

I've been considering hiring Gail Perry for consulting, but I'm still on the fence. It would be great to hear more about her pricing structure and how long-term partnerships with her have panned out for other organizations.

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Isabella M.
August 22nd, 2023

Gail Perry is an absolute powerhouse in the world of fundraising! Her expertise and guidance have been instrumental in helping countless organizations achieve their fundraising goals. Kudos to her for her dedication to the sector!

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