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Sophie Moore
Sophie Moore
May 15, 2023


Teresa L.
July 11th, 2023

Our experience with GiveSmart as a fundraising platform was less than satisfying. The unexpected expenses incurred when adding day-of support strained our budget, and the absence of a ticket scanner led to frustratingly long check-in lines at the event, undermining its overall success. The promise of efficiency fell short, leaving room for improvement in these crucial areas.

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Debbie G.
July 18th, 2023

Our experience using GiveSmart as a fundraising platform was somewhat satisfactory. Opting for the Champion plan, we appreciated the inclusion of live streaming and comparable credit card fees. However, the upfront payment for planning assistance, limited to just 24 hours, left us wishing for more extensive support. While the platform's features were decent, improved customer support would have elevated our overall experience.

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Chelsea W.
July 22,2023

Our experience utilizing GiveSmart as a fundraising platform was to be expected. Although the upfront cost for the Expert plan exceeded our expectations on budgeting needs, the solid support and valuable streaming services made a positive impact. The only drawback was the absence of an automatic payout at the event's conclusion, which slightly diminished our overall satisfaction.

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Brian N.
August 15th, 2023

We used GiveSmart as our fundraising platform and had a positive experience overall. We got the Champion plan at a cost of $3600 upfront + 3.5% on credit cards, we found the included pre-event support to be helpful. While the credit card fees were in line with industry standards, the platform delivered as expected, making it a worthwhile investment for our fundraising efforts.

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