John Haydon - Known for his expertise in nonprofit social media and online fundraising.

John Carter
John Carter
May 28, 2023


Mason K.
May 30th, 2023

Kudos to John for his dedication to helping nonprofits succeed in the digital age. His expertise is invaluable in a rapidly evolving fundraising landscape.

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Layla V.
June 28th, 2023

John Haydon is an absolute wizard when it comes to social media fundraising. His insights have transformed the way I approach online campaigns. Truly a master in the field!

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Jasmine Y.
July 16th, 2023

John Haydon's contributions to the nonprofit community are undeniable. His dedication to helping organizations leverage the power of social media for fundraising is commendable. Keep up the great work, John!

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Naomi E.
August 14th, 2023

John Haydon's webinars are always insightful and packed with practical tips. He truly understands the intersection of social media and fundraising, making it accessible for nonprofits of all sizes.

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